Keji Services, Inc.

Keji Janitorial Services

Turnkey Construction Performance
Keji Services, Inc. specializes in integrated Janitorial, Facilities Maintenance and Management, Logistics, and Grounds & Landscaping Services. The facets of our comprehensive cleaning operations include the following functional demands for government and commercial facilities:
  • Core (Year-Round) Staff
  • Certification Training
  • One-on-One Training Processes
  • Labor, Equipment, Materials, and Supplies
Our service model includes, but is not limited to:

  • Lean Practices
  • Performance Tracking
  • Customer Surveys
  • Service Reports
  • Weekly Schedules
  • MSDS Log
  • Incident Investigation
  • Pre-job Planning
  • Safety Orientation
  • Computer Room Cleaning
  • Food Service Sanitation
  • Special Event Services
  • Snow & Ice Removal
  • Waste Management
  • General Maintenance
  • Recycling Services
  • Environmental Management
  • Risk Management

Safety and Health

Keji works diligently to provide superior janitorial services, a trained and competent workforce, and a health, safety, environment and training program that will prevent workplace accidents and injuries. Our goal is zero accidents and injuries.